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Weibler Confiserie Chocolaterie GmbH & Co. KG

Open House Day

1-0 for the Confiserie Weibler Cremlingen - fun for all ages at the open house day

With beautiful weather the 2,500 attendees at the Weibler open day got provided a lot of candy:
Free guided tours of the chocolate production, which stood on that day under the motto "all about the football." Here, chocolate footballs with a diameter of 50 centimeters and weighing about 15 kilograms of hand-made, which were auctioned on the big stage event. But even in the production and packaging of other football items could be watched. As an eye-catching football pyramid with 16 World Cup bears in national jerseys of the participating countries, and the giant football was highlighted in the cDuckr.
But even in the open was offered a varied program:
At the wheel of fortune had a lot of chocolate products are a round. The proceeds will be equally applied to a good cause, as well as revenue from the auctioning of the giant soccer balls on the big stage show.
In a quiz, numerous attractive prizes are won and off the stage, the children were entranced with magic sticks and balloon animals.

Very special highlight on this day was the appearance of the peppercorns from Destedt that provided with your highlights from the musical for Tabaluga enthusiasm.