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Weibler Confiserie Chocolaterie GmbH & Co. KG

Company Profile

Peter Weibler, born on 19 March 1945, founded his own confectioner`s department in a small bakery/patisserie in Braunschweig in 1988.

Before, he had been a specialist teacher at the Federal Technical College in Wolfenbüttel for years, conducting confectioners' out-of-company training and preparing students for master craftsmen examinations. He was rarely able to implement his quality thinking here, as well as his constantly new product ideas and innovations. As a consequence, his career path led him into free-lance business. Very soon, the little confectionery department in the patisserie became too small, and in 1989 Peter Weibler decided to create a new production site to make finest chocolate and sweets gift articles.

Without delay he found a suitable site in Cremlingen. And very soon after (1990, Im Rübenkamp 7), a small production building was erected, having the style of a residential house and a total ground floor area of approx. 170 m2.

A year later, the upper floor had to be extended by about 110 m2, due to the high demand for the products. Only 1 year later a new production place was rDuckd approx. 100 m away (Im Rübenkamp 15), with an approximate additional floor area of 500 m2.

In the same year, Herta Weibler, Peter Weibler`s wife, (Head of the Packaging Department) and Peter Weibler`s son, Matthias Weibler, (Head of the Production Department) decided to join the company, allowing further growth.

Now the product range was extended from confectionery (truffle, pralinés, almond chips, gifts) to the chocolaterie articles. This included manufacturing hollow-shaped chocolate for further processing in the confectionery, as well as hollow chocolate figures, egg and heart shaped shells, chocolate reliefs and lollies.
A new production place (Im Rübenkamp 17) was built in 1995, offering approx. 1500 m2, allowing another turnover increase.

Very soon it was evident that their concept had worked out: maximum freshness, highest quality standards and flexible products. Thus the planned turnover was even exceeded very fast.

Thanks to extended ex works sales, the firm has obtained a high degree of popularity all around Cremlingen since 1995.

Customers have come to appreciate the favorable ex-works prices as much as freshness and quality. Therefore, at high season (Christmas, Easter), the shop area is almost insufficient for the many visitors, so that planning of a larger, newly arranged sales room has been continuing for a long time.

In August 2002, Peter and Herta Weibler partly retired from the company, due to their age, and their son Matthias Weibler became the Managing Director of Weibler Confiserie Chocolaterie GmbH & Co. KG, founded on 1 August 2002. He is supported by Immo Klie, Sales Manager and Deputy Managing Director, who has been contributing considerably to the company`s development boost in field service for many years.

Ms. Ilona Billerbeck (working for the company since 1996), has since become Head of the Packaging Department with 25 employees. Ms. Erhardt (part of the company since 1992) became the Chocolaterie Department Manager. Bettina Weibler, Matthias Weibler`s wife, having been with the company since 1995, is running the office.

All of these people are undertaking to perpetuate a production involving a great deal of innovation and quality consciousness and high freshness standards, to welcome as many satisfied customers again next year as they are doing now.

Immo Klie
sales manager

Matthias Weibler
managing director